Is Just Shampoo safe for eczema?

Yes, Just Shampoo is safe for eczema.

Is Just Shampoo by The Better Scalp Company sulfate free?


Does Just Shampoo lather?

Yes. Despite it being sulfate-free, Just Shampoo lathers very well. Many customers note that they don’t need to use much shampoo to achieve a rich lather.

What conditioner should I use?

We will be launching our own conditioner soon! For now, you can use your favourite fragrance-free conditioner.

Does The Better Scalp Company test on animals?

No, we are cruelty-free.

Is the packaging recyclable?


Is the Better Scalp Company vegan?

Yes, our formula is vegan. The panthenol and glycerin used in our formula has been synthetically produced.

What is the pH level of Just Shampoo?

Our shampoo has a pH of around 5.5, which aligns with the scalp’s natural pH level.

Is The Better Scalp Company suited for everyone?

Yes, anyone can use our products.

What hair type is ideal for The Better Scalp Company products?

Our products are suitable for all hair types.

Do your products contain any drugs?

No, all our products are non medicated.

Is Just Shampoo safe for color-treated hair?

Yes, it is color-safe.

Where does The Better Scalp Company ship?

We ship to Canada and the USA.

Can I sell The Better Scalp Company products in my store?

Is The Better Scalp Company safe for pregnant women?

Yes, our products are safe for pregnant women.

Is it safe for kids?

Yes, our product is safe for children, however, Just Shampoo is not tear-free. A “no tears” shampoo has a pH closer to 7 (neutral), and Just Shampoo has a pH of around 5.5, which is closer to the scalp’s natural pH.

Is Just Shampoo safe for animals?

We do not recommend using Just Shampoo on animals.

When can I expect results?

While it may take only 1 week to see results, most customers start seeing scalp improvements after 2 or 3 weeks.

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