We are on a mission to raise the standards of hair care

Adverse reactions to personal care products have increased 2.7-fold since 2006. Common allergens are present in +94% of hair care products today. We want to change that.

Our formulas will always be:

  • Fragrance-Free

    It is estimated that 1 in 20 people are sensitive to fragrance.

  • Essential Oil-Free

    Over 80 essential oils have been shown to cause contact allergies.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Contact dermatitis is the 5th most prevalent skin disease in the USA.

  • Dermatologist Approved

    Safe for skin that is prone to eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis.

  • Sulfate-Free

  • Paraben-Free

  • Dye-Free

  • Color Safe

  • Formaldehyde Free

  • Free of Common Irritants

  • Safe for Sensitive Skin

  • Non-Medicated

An entirely new category in hair care

The Better Scalp Company was created specifically to cater to those with extremely sensitive scalps. If you struggle to find hair products that suit your sensitive skin, you are not alone. Our products are dermatologist-approved for people prone to eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, and contact allergies.

Hair care for sensitive skin

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Meet the Founder

After her diagnosis with allergic contact dermatitis, Michele Marchand faced the frustrating reality of a hair care market saturated with products that aggravated her scalp rather than alleviating it. Determined to make a positive change, she delved into the intricacies of scalp care, collaborating closely with dermatologists to develop safe formulations that prioritize ultra sensitive skin like her own.

True hypoallergenic formulas

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